Therapeutic Treatments

               Aroma Head/Neck/Scalp Treatment $45 *30 Minute Session :
This session incorporates essential oils into a relaxing treatment for the head, neck and scalp. Massage techniques, essential oils, organic creams are used to promote relaxation, circulation, and stress relief

Cupping Treatment $45 *30 Minute Session:
Cupping uses small silicon cups to decompress muscles and tissue to help promote healing, increase blood flow and enhance circulation.

Headache/Migraine Treatment $45 *30 Minute Session:
Ice, heat, essential oils and other tools may be used to help alleviate and prevent headaches, migraines and neck pain due to tension, allergies, weather changes and other triggers

Healthy Skin Treatment $45 *30 minute session:

Dry brushing, cocoa & shea butter blend and an aloe lavender spray help to relieve dry itchy skin while moisturizing and softening skin.

Herbal Foot Bath $45 *30 minute session:

Relaxing organic herbs, soothing milks, beautiful florals and rejuvenating oils combine for this blissful treat. Completed with an exfoliating scrub and therapeutic foot massage

Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment $45/30 min $70/60 min $100/90 minute session:
Raindrop therapy combines essential oils on reflex  points to create a healing and relaxing massage. Raindrop therapy  is used to bring total balance and a sense of harmony to mental, physical, and emotional state. This treatment includes meditation time and finishes with light massage on the back, neck and shoulders.

Reflexology $45/30 min $70/60 Minute Session:
Reflexology is a treatment that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands or ears. It’s based on eastern theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems.  Benefits can include: pain relief, stress relief, enhanced sleep, digestive issues and general well-being.

Wellness Add On’s

Add on any of the following treatments for just $15

Allow an extra 15 minutes to session time

Dry Brushing:
Dry brushing is an easy and gentle way to exfoliate dry itchy skin and to increase circulation to healthy skin.  Dry brushing is a great addition to any treatment to help detoxify and bring a healthy glow to your skin
Gua Sha or Cupping :
Gua Sha therapy is a healing technique of traditional East Asian medicine.  Gua Sha is an instrument-assisted treatment to intentionally create a therapeutic effect on fascia and muscle tissue.
Paraffin Hand Treatment:
Hands are coated with organic creams and warm paraffin wax to create a relaxing effect. Benefits can include: joint pain relief, moisturizing and nurturing skin healing and stress relief

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